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    Here's our launch product: LAY CLAIM

    Lay Claim Card Game (Original Pack)

    Lay Claim Card Game (Original Pack)

    LAY CLAIM card game (Original Pack)

    Brilliant and fun card game. Lay Claim to lines of cards, cutting off opponents and gaining huge piles of points where you can. But watch out - this game can change very quickly. Fast to learn, but sneaky and for ages 7+.
    Price: £11.99.
    Playing time: 20-40 mins
    Players: 2-4 players
    Extension pack soon available (6 players and an extra card with special powers per pack to spice things up a bit)
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  • Reviews


    Here is what people have said about our first game LAYCLAIM
    We will add more as they come in.
    To add one in, message us through the facebook site, or contact us (hit 'contact us').


    The Lawton Family

    Wrexham (Wales)

    A truly epic game. Brought our family together to play and have a good time (a rare thing). We recommend it to anyone as a great family game.


    Alison Taylor
    Ramsey (Isle of Man)

    Very impressed, brilliant packaging. Just know it's going to be a winner.


    Nicolas Blackmore

    Herringthorpe (UK)

    I love it, you've done a great job. I like simple but tactical games and you've cracked it!


    Sian O'Gorman

    Manchester (UK)

    Loved it! It brought us all together as a family to play a new, exciting game.


    Joan Yardley

    Ramsey (Isle of Man)

    Super wee game. Kept an adult, a teenager and a 7yr old well entertained for a good 25 minutes. Big thumbs up from us. Thank you!


    Gillian Stuart

    Warrington (UK)

    The Stuarts found it awesome! Have played at least 6 games in 24 hours of it arriving. My 8 year old daughter is a whiz, and my husband came home from work wanting to play again, as he had been thinking up new tactics in the car on his journey home! A simple game that is easy to play yet lots of fun, and encourages use of tactics. Love it! Fabulous edition to our games cupboard, though I don't think it will be spending much time in there!

  • What We Do

    It's not rocket science. We make fun, affordable games.


    Well, what's the point of a non-fun game?

    Honestly, we believe that fun is under-rated. It promotes health, builds relationships, releases those dolphin-things that live in us and make us feel great. What's not to like.


    It's no good if you can't get your hands on it!

    So what we actually want is that not only do we come up with cracking new stuff, but that you can then get one without having to sell the pets.

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  • Who are we?

    Well there's just two of us and a squirrel in this at the moment.

    Alex Brown

    Brilliant, heroic and a bit of a lemon.

    There is nothing that can describe Alex in words apart from those words above.

    Neil Adshead

    Creative, leaderly and mostly up to something.

    There are a few words that could describe Neil, but most of them can't be published here.

    Tiny the Squirrel

    The cheekiest, cuddliest, squirrliest squirrel.


    After gaining his Nutbel Peace Prize for promoting fairer hoarding for rodents across the known squirrel world, Tiny decided to move to the Isle of Man (where there are no other squirrels) and dedicate his life to creating fun, affordable games.


    We basically take his genius and make it a reality for the human world.

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    If your product doesn't reach you in tip-top condition, or you're unhappy with it in any way then we want you to send it back to us so that we can refund you.
    Alternatively, you might want to tell us how totes amazeballs this all is.
    Well go ahead!
    We won't stop you!